At 41 weeks pregnant awaiting our little baby. But still no sign. Of her arrival. My head set on normal birth but at our second last visit our doctor said “if she doesn’t com by next week we do a c-section. ” after 10 months of preparing my head for normal birth that words broke trough me like knives. The 17th of feb was our last visit to the doctor. No sign of our princess yet. Then the doctor said. “I decided to do induction, please understand that it doesn’t always work but lets try. ” the day of my induction the doctor came in did the exam en said if you would give birth it will be at 4pm and if not we will do an emergency c-section at 6pm.

The nurse came and said. You will not get a c-section today we will have this baby the normal way.

then the pain came. Oh my word it hurt like hell. With each exam it felt like they are twisting and ripping out my spinal cord by my bum…. trying to focus on breathing but with each contraction almost breaking my poor hubbys hand”he must also have pain. “Haha” with almost everything irritating me oh how much pain…..

At 12pm i was only 6 cm dilated and when they came at 2pm nothing has changed. I saw the look on the nurses face. I was worried. They said if in the next hour nothing changes they call the doctor and then comes the c-section.

At 3pm when they came back to the “last” exam her face surprised I was 7 cm dilated and nou its down hill. They called the doctor en at 16:25 Dané was born. By normal birth what an experience.

In the birthing class we saw I video of the birth crawl and we decided that this is what we will do. Directly after they did the exams on Dane they gave her back and we did skin 2 skin. With the nurses watching she did the breast crawl and latched all by herself, this is where our journey started. Unsure of how to do this but we did one day at a time.

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