An extraordinary creation which amazes every parent

An extraordinary creation which amazes every parent, a joyfull journey as you feel the first flutter of butterfly kicks in your tummy till the day you realize this is it, your long awaited baby is making his way into the world, my name is Sherona Sadew and this is my birth story
As a woman I always possessed the motherly instinct and adored babies, I met my husband at the age of 21, and we joined as man and wife, we decided that as responsible adults we was too young to have a baby and I visited my clinic for family planning, as year’s of blissful marriage passed at the age of 25, I felt we was now ready for a baby, sadly after 2 year’s of Still trying it was obvious, we had a problem conceiving, I visited my clinic which referred me to a government hospital, too heartbroken to find the truth I left it in God’s hands, trusting that a miracle would occur, I cried when I wondered what having my own child would feel like and I got a lot of unwanted advice from people around me,I got very involved in a local church and one day at the altar during prayer requests, I asked the Lord to bless my marriage and bless us with a baby, miraculously a month later I realized I was pregnant
I somehow just knew, as the say expectant mother’s do realize, I told my husband to buy a pregnancy test, he sadly said I’m just going to be disappointed and upset once again, I couldn’t wait so I took a taxi to a pharmacy and bought a test, I couldn’t wait to get home, and yes my instincts was correct and I sat on my bed amazed thinking this is really it, two pink lines on the test! I was astonished, I immediately called my husband who excitedly rushed home, he carried me off the floor and said ‘yay! He’s gonna be a father, ‘I replied’ watch the baby you squeezing to tightly ‘
An exciting journey had emerged, I immediately started shopping for baby, researching, collecting every piece of valuable information on baby care from the library, magazines and Internet. I booked at my clinic for monthly check ups, those months was the longest waiting anxiously to meet my baby boy which the doctor had confirmed, my pregnancy was smooth sailing, I was complimented for an amazing baby glow, I hardly had any nausea,and each day was a blessing and enjoyable being pregnant, my husband would warn me not to sit so fast or go up the stairs quickly, I would laugh at him being so cautious.

On my last check up I was referred to a government hospital for the final check up, I awaken extremely early to avoid the long que and tiring waiting times,I had breakfast in the car at 6am and hubby left me at the hospital returning to work, I remember carrying my favourite magazine, living and loving to keep me occupied, finally at 9 am, It was my turn to see the doctor, during the examination he informed me my baby was on his way, I excitedly said finally, I’m so happy, it was 3weeks before the expected due date but it seemed like all was well, I didn’t experience any cramps or symptoms that baby was on his way, doctors was shocked, admitted in hospital, praying all went well, the next morning labour did not progress and I was sent home

Sunday morning, 6am I was awaken by a Wet bed, I immediately woke up my husband, we then realized that my water had broke, this was really it, again bags was re packed and we returned to hospital, I spent the night, around 12 am my contractions had got really painful, in a government hospital, my husband was only allowed to enter the labour ward, he waited anxiously for my phone call, all I wanted was him beside me and I knew it would be ok, nurses were quite rude when I complained of pain and told me to go lie down without medication, I cried but prayed for strength from God

Eventually my husband met me at the labour ward, the nurse who escorted me practically dragged me up to that ward, I knew now I was in safe hands, I then informed the nurse that I needed medication, she gave me a pain injection and then the gas, I was happy with the nurse who was assisting me with the birth and reassured by her caring face and words, 6:10 am, a cloudy Monday morning a smooth sailing natural birth, Josiah Sadew made his way into the world, the power of prayer is evidence in my birth story, a gift from God upon our lives, Josiah has been a joy, I’m loving every day beside him and my marriage and life is now complete, to all the woman who loose faith, don’t, nothing is impossible.

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