Alovahs birth story

03 March 2017

I woke up in the morning, Set  my daughyer Natalia off to school with her dad.  I went back to sleep. My helper left for the day at around 9am … I said goodbye and returned to bed.

I woke up again at 12h00 time to fetch my daughter from school… in a hurry I got ready and left.

It was such a a warm day. My daughter and I arrived home but stayed a little longer in the car as we enjoyed the Aircon. I was in such a light hearted and  happy mood. Natalia and I watched music videos and laughed and danced away. At home – I just enjoyed my one on one time with her … bathed her, changed her and plaited her – corn row style.

Sumen my husband arrived early from work. He got ready for the evening, as we were invited that evening at my mum in laws home for dinner. I had a shower and got ready. We left home to fetch my son , 1 year 4 months old Josiah – From my mums home in Isipingo.

When we got to my mums house, I noticed my family had all worn clothes the same colour: blue and yellow. We took some photographs together.

At 18h00 I was about to have a seat in my mums living room , when I felt a gush of warm water. “I think my water just broke” I said to my sister Avril. We were all so happy as Alovah’s due date was 01 March 2017 and I didn’t want to be induced in hospital, I wanted as less medical intervention as possible.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. At my mums home we usually pray at around dinner time… so thats what we did and my sister Avril prayed a special prayer for me to have a safe delivery.

I called my mother in law to tell her that we wouldn’t make it for supper that night. I had supper at my mums place as I had not eaten anything that day and I needed to refuel my body in preparation for a long and difficult labour as told to by my gynaecologist the previous Friday. She advised that my baby was in a posterior position… this got me very concerned.

We left my mums home at about 19h00. I already started to experience contractions that was managable. At 19h20 we are almost home and I remember telling my husband not to rush as I was okay and  coping with the labour pain.

Got home. Greeted our gardener with smiles. My husband cheerfully notifies him that the kids are with my mum and that the new baby is on the way.

Hospital bags were packed and ready , I just checked the paper work and a few things and Sumen packed the car , as I removed my jewellery.

To manage the pain at this point I was on my fours and my husband brought me the exercise ball. This helped manage the pain. We also charged the hot water bottle and heated the wheat bag.

My husband then told me to get into the shower and let the hot water run over my stomach and back.

Remember I’m expecting a long and painful labour. My plan was to labour at home for as long as possible before heading to the hospital which is located only 10 minutes away from my home.

So now I’m in the shower and my husband now starts to time my contractions. They were 3 minutes apart and lasting a minute long. I was only in the shower for about 10 minutes when we started to notice that the contractions were getting closer. We then decided to leave for the hospital.

I stepped out of the shower. I’m trying to dry myself with the towel, manage the pain and make my way to the bedroom to get dressed all at the same time.

The pain now has stepped up a notch. I’m on my fours again in my sons bedroom trying to manage the pain while my husband dries my back and helps me slip on a nightie.

Almost there, only for me to put on my underwear and a sanitary pad. My husband gets them for me but it’s the wrong 1. I head over to my bedroom to put on a sanitarypad ….5 steps away.

I leaned against the wall with 1 hand  holding my weight as I tried to feel what’s going on with the other hand. It was another small gush of water – amniotic fluid. I shouted out to my husband that we cannot leave to the hospital and that the baby was on her way. The tone of my voice and groans had changed this alone was a big sign to me that it’s all about to happen right there and then in my bedroom.

I could feel the pressure of the baby in my pelvis area. My husband called for the ambulance services , they were in Chatsworth and on their way to us.

I then felt the “ring of fire” , I knew it , her head was crowning. With 1 little push – her head was out. My husband brought towels and cushions. He was so calm which kept me calm and positive.

I went on my fours , as I felt pressure again I gave another little push and Alovah was born. I told my husband to clear her mouth of any fluid she might have swallowed and to make sure she was breathing and then he layed her on my chest.

My beautiful baby girl Alovah was born at home just as I secretively desired in my heart. She was perfect , so warm and so quiet and she just lay in my arms so content.

I kept her at my breast immediately. We were all so happy and so relieved. There was such a presence of peace and calm. This was only God.

The ambulance called and my husband advised them that the baby had been born and both mum and baby were healthy and doing well. They told my husband not to do anything with the cord and that they will come over to deliver the placenta.

At 20h30 the ambulance arrived and they did just that. They were so calm and patient with us. My parents arrived with my kids and we all just enjoyed the 1st few moments with our new baby before we made our way to the hospital.

I’m happy to say that both baby and i were discharged from hospital the next morning with a clean bill of health needing no medical procedures on either of us.

Praise be unto God for this miracle child of mine – Alovah Pandaram


My family.

Sumen my husband 35 years old. Technician.

Myself, Navlene 32 years old. I’m a Group Buyer for  a chemical company.


1st Born Natalia . 6 years old

2nd born Josiah . 16 months old.

3rd born Alovah ~ miracle baby.IMG-20170309-WA0000


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