Almost There

11 weeks tomorrow and a step closer to the relief. No change since the last post but not going to dwell on that. I’m excited to see the end of the first trimester not only for the relief (please let there be relief) but also to allow myself to get excited. My husband and I decided not to invest emotionally to the pregnancy until the end of the first trimester. So much can go wrong and we just wanted to be as prepared as possible for the worst if it were to come. It will also be wonderful to finally let the secret out. The amount of hiding and dodging I have to do has been quite annoying. It is also made worse by the fact that I am a terrible liar. I almost always burst into laughter when asked outright if I’m pregnant. Oh well.

As hard as pregnancy has been, I am not the only one suffering. I may be experiencing the physical side of things alone but my husband is enduring his own brand of suffering. We run a 50/50 household where we equally share the load and it has worked pretty well for us over the years. That is until I was rendered practically useless. All this makes you fully appreciate the help and support of your partner during these tough months. I truly respect all the daddies-to-be for holding the fort down and taking care of the heavy breathing mess that used to be your partner. I keep telling myself that I’ll make it up to him by putting in some overtime when I’m well but who am I kidding… I like my naps a little too much for overtime.

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