Adventures out with baby

Out and about time with a precious little one can be an adventure of a lifetime or it can become the worst nightmare as the day unfolds. As an organised, knowledgeable and efficient mom with a well-packed nappy bag can find out, “out and about” time can be a breeze.

Be prepared for everything. No matter how short the trip out is expected to be, always pack more nappies than you would expect to use. So pack at least two nappies for the shortest trip out to be able to cope with the unexpected. A scented packet keeps dirty nappy smells at bay until an appropriate place is found to dispose of the nappy. A neatly folded change pad comes in useful when your little one needs a nappy change in a less than hygienic environment. A nappy cream ensures your baby’s bottom remains healthy and comfortable for the duration of the outing.

Wet wipes are essential to have in the nappy bag – there are so many uses for them to fill. When it comes to nappy change time, out pop the wet wipes to clean and refresh your little ones nappy area leaving him comfortable and content to resume your adventure out together. At teatime, little sticky fingers could ruin your outfit and the mood. Instead when he has finished his finger biscuit the wipes are whipped out to clean the stickiness leaving smiley faces on both of you. Before lunchtime in the park – hands can be conveniently cleaned to eat lunch in a hygienic way. When toys drop in the sand – no tears are needed from your little one to get his toy back to hold, suck and chew – just a quick wipe ensures favourite toys can be continued to be enjoyed during the day no matter what. Ensure you have a pack close at hand – in your bag, car and stroller – your reliable companion to come to the rescue in any eventuality. Your toddler can have the freedom to explore when out because there is no panic to find soap and water to clean up his act. Let wet wipes sort out the problems while you enjoy the day.

A change of clothing is important to have along as nappies can leak or a feed may be vomited up. A jersey or blanket is essential in case the weather changes or the air-conditioned room you are in becomes too cold. Refreshments for a toddler ensure that his needs are met quickly and efficiently to keep everybody enjoying the day together to the fullest.

Pack a small first aid kit so you can see to the inevitable bumps, cuts and scratches that are part of being out on an adventure together. Pack it in a separate sealable plastic bag so it is handy to get as well as always clean to use.

Quick nappy bag check list

  • Changing pad
  • Nappies – more than you expect to use
  • Wipes
  • Nappy sacs
  • Change of clothing for baby
  • Change of top for mom
  • Jersey
  • Blanket
  • Sunblock
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Snacks – bib, spoon and juice
  • Toys
  • Dummy (if your baby uses one)
  • Small first aid kit – paracetamol syrup, plasters, antiseptic cream
  • Bottle of water

So be sure to be organised and well prepared to give yourself and your little one the best opportunity to enjoy each and every adventure to the full.

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