A – Z of Relationships

A = Affection

B = Babysitter – have one for an evening so you can have a romantic evening uninterrupted with your partner

C = Concentrate on each other

= Communicate

= Connect

= Candles together in the tub

D = Dance the time away even if it means dancing around the lounge table late at night

E = Eye contact with each other

= Express your needs, thoughts and desires with each other

= Emotional cues

F = Feelings – discuss them with each other

= Focus on fun together

G = Give and take

= Gifts – buy your partner a surprise gift just because

H = Humour – something you should never be without

= Honesty

I = Ideas – share them with your partner

= Involved – be involved together looking after your baby

J = Jokes. Keep life light-hearted and fun

K = Kisses

= Keep love alive

L = Love

= Listen

= Laugh together

M = Massage – take turns at it

N = Night out together

O = Open-up and talk about how you are really feeling and coping with your new role as a parent

P = Playful side

Q = Quality time together

R = Resolve conflict

S = Share your thoughts

= Spoil each other

= Be sensitive

T = Talk to each other

= Turn off your phones when you are together

= Loving touch

U = Ups and downs – expect it

= Understand the others point of view

V = Verbal communication

W = Words – loving ones

= Walks together

X =Xtra love

Y = Don’t yell at each other

Z = Zero in on each other

= zzzzz together

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