A to Z of Informed Choice

“The Right Choice can give you a memorable birthing experience as well as the best start to parenting.”


A = Ask questions and more questions till it makes sense to you and you feel you have been given all the answers you need

A = Apply this information to your own unique circumstances

B = Birth is normal, natural and healthy

B = Birth memories last a life time and profoundly affect women and their families

B = Birth can safely take place at home, birth centres and hospitals

C = Childbirth education empowers women to make informed choice in healthcare, assume responsibility for their health and to trust their inner wisdom

D = Decisions that are informed!

D = Don’t listen to everybody’s opinions and experiences – know the facts

D = Don’t be influenced by traditions, routines and society

E = Evidence based information gives you the ability to make correct, informed and enlightened choices

F = Framing of information shapes choice profoundly

F = Facts, pros and cons are all needed before you can make informed decisions

G = Get your healthcare providers to provide you with their stats of birthing options they use. This will determine whether this is the right choice for you

H = Hope isn’t good enough, facts are what count

I = Insight is gained by acquiring knowledge

J = Just another statistic? Or are you going to research your options?

K = Keep on asking questions

K = Knowledge of alternatives available

L = Lack of information can cause you to make decisions under duress and be led to make decisions that suit your healthcare provider instead of you

M = Memorable experience – make your birth count

N = Notions and ideas are not the facts you need to base your decisions on

O = Options

P = Philosophy taught at childbirth education classes should be informed choice through the knowledge of alternatives

P = Place of birth choices – home, birthing unit, in hospital – what best suits you

Q = Questions. Make sure you are asking the correct ones

R = Research your birth options

R = Risks and benefits

R = Resources – know where to get the best resources for information

S = Stats from the hospital and doctor/midwife you intend to use – are these the stats you agree with and so want to continue with this healthcare provider

T = Take the facts and turn them in to a plan of what you want

U = Understanding is paramount to knowledge

V = Very smart to make informed decisions

W = Womens confidence and ability to give birth is either enhanced or diminished by their care provider and place of birth

X = Xcell yourself and keep searching for the correct information

Y = You can call the shots – it is your pregnancy and your birth

Y = You are the expert on your own life and family and you can make the decisions for you

Z = Zero in and stay focused on making informed decisions


“Attend childbirth education classes so you will be able to make truly informed decisions based on the knowledge of alternatives”

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