A Cure is in Sight for Retinal Blindness – Trust Science

World Retina Week is observed in over 40 countries to create awareness of the progress towards treatment for retinal genetic conditions through scientific research. The remarkable progress being made in the fields of Gene Therapy, Stem cells and Artificial Retinas makes the dream of treatment for as yet incurable blindness an exciting reality.

Retinal conditions such as Macular Degenerations and Dystrophies, Retinitis Pigmentosa, and other rare conditions cause loss of vision in over 40 million people worldwide and a probable 150 000 South Africans. Clinical trials to find effective treatments are showing great promise and Retina South Africa is determined to bring these promising trials to South Africa.

Early diagnosis is essential and Retina South Africa has partnered with SpecSavers to provide free vison screening during Eye Care Awareness month (commencing 21 September 2015).

Visit www.specsavers.co.za for details of your nearest participating practice.

For more information on any genetic retinal disorders visit www.retinasa.org.za

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