27 Week Angel

On the 8th August, I had my 27 week check up. Every thing seemed fine that morning, I had a healthy pregnancy, no morning sickness, little-to-no stretching pain, no complaints.

I walked into the rooms thinking we will just see how well our angel’s growing like every other check up. The gynecologist did the scan and noticed nothing wrong, we agreed to see each other at my next appointment but as I left I remember clearly standing at the door saying “Doctor, he’s not kicking like he always does.” Thinking back now, I don’t even remember how his kicking was, it must have been by the grace of God that those words came out of my mouth, and a mothers instinct. I was immediately taken to the maternity ward where my little boys heart rate was monitored. The nurse looking after me noticed some drops in heart rate before it would return to normal again. The gynecologist decided I should be monitored longer.

After that everything happened so fast, I barely had time to realize what I was going through or shed a tear. I got an injection to strengthen baby’s lungs and was then told I’m going in for an emergency C-section. As I was lying, waiting I start to feel this weird, sharp pain on the side of my body: the contractions started, all I could think about is this little baby who was only due in 13 weeks.

I was then rushed to another hospital with a bigger NICU. I gave birth at exactly 16:20 to a healthy 740g little boy at 27 weeks, with no complication with me or my son. He stayed in the NICU till he gained enough weight. After 2 months he came home to his parents, and is now stronger than ever…

The cause of the fluctuating heart rate and premature birth, in simple terms that I could understand, was the umbilical cord twisted like a ‘telephone’ cord and he was not receiving nutrients as he should have. I always think to myself: after everything I went through, my son was better off outside my stomach than inside.

I never had the chance to speak about his birth or show how scared I was till now. I had a very supportive husband who stood by me all the way and parents who were there for me every day. Today I cannot thank God enough for a son who shows no signs of his prematurity, who is healthy, strong and a bit too bubbly.

We are now waiting on our princess to arrive. At 30 weeks she’s 1.7kg and she’s decided she wants to spend more time inside her mommy than her brother did, and wait until the perfect time to meet her daddy. (Already daddy’s little girl!)

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