2 Weeks Closer to Mom

I was planning to take my maternity leave close to my EDD as adviced by friends who are Mothers as they said I will be wasting the days which were meant to be spent with the baby. Then somehow I decided to take it 2 weeks before which was to start on the 18th June.

On monday the 17th which was a holiday, due to youth day being on Sunday I had. An energy spurt. I cooked a large meal, cleaned the house etc. Then at around 6 in the evening when taking a bath I noticed blood from my vagina. So because when I was 22 weeks I once rushed to the hospital and there was nothing wrong with me, I reckoned this is show and since I’m not having contractions I won’t go. I was in my 38 week and was taught not to rush to the hospital but to rather wait for contractions to be 5 minutes apart from the antenatal classes I was attending with my man.

So we watched tv, then at around 11 while chatting to my mom I tell her what happened and she calls Me immediately and says I shoud go straight to hospital. Called my gynaecologist on the way there and he told the nurses at casualty that when I arrive I should go straight to maternity. We went to maternity ward where I was put a monitor on my belly and was told I will be admitted as I have contractions. This was just after midnIght. My man sat with me but since nothing was happening yet, I told him to go home and rest he will come back in the morning.

They kept giving me medicine for induction. Gynaecologist came to check me and was still about 2cm dilated. In the morning nothing was pretty much changing as I was still told I’m about 3cm, and had to stop the medicine as my baby’s heart was not reacting well to the contractions. Still no pain at this stage. But gradually the pain came. With my man there atleast I was able to bare the contractions. I gave birth at 4 o’clock on the 18th. Which is the day my leave started, got to thinking had I not taken the leave earlier I would have started contracting at work.

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