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The Perfect Dance of Birth Hormones

Our amazing birthing body working in total synchronicity! “The hormones that make birth happen, also prepare us for breastfeeding and mother-infant attachment” – Dr Sarah Buckley Our birthing hormones are critical to actually making labour and birth ha

Working with pain in labour

By Barbara Hanrahan – SACPE course developer Much is written on understanding pain and pain relief in labour. When new mothers are asked to describe the pain they felt in labour there are a variety of answers. Some women will depict a positive experien

Labour – This is your moment too

It is very important to have attended childbirth education classes together, to have been taught various techniques to cope with labour. Also the crucial issue is to have communicated about both of your desires for labour so that during labour you can

Hospital Dash

One of the scariest images for a pregnant dad is the thought of having to deliver your own baby in the car! So the second she announces she thinks she might be in labour, you want to bundle her straight into the car and get going! Seriously, don’t spoi

Your baby expects what? – You must be joking!

(This article is also available in an audio format) By Hettie Grove – Advanced midwife, SA certified perinatal educator, SA certified lactation consultant Everything in life comes with an instruction manual or almost everything.Yes babies unfortunately

The Miracle of Surfactant and a Baby’s First Breath

By Barbara Hanrahan – Nursing sister and midwife, SA certified perinatal educator course develop and facilitator, masters in midwifery Foetal breathing movements have been identified as early as 11 weeks gestation. These movements increase in intensity

Sex after Natural Childbirth: Can it be better than before childbirth?

By Anchen Verster – Registered nurse, midwife, SA Certified Perinatal Educator – SACPE, wife, mother to 4 children including a set of twins Sex sells movies, music, magazines, clothes, perfume, diets and cars! The link is sometimes very vague (perhaps

Regenerative medicine

Storing your baby’s stem cells at birth is a once in a lifetime opportunity to protect your family against serious illness or disease. It is important that all families are fully informed on the benefits of storing their babies’ stem cells before makin

Love languages in labour

By Jennifer Van der Laan – – childbirth educator and doula Few women go into labour realising that the strongest comfort measure is the love and encouragement of those supporting her. Let’s face it, childbirth classes are fill

Informed choice

(This article is also available in an audio format) The buzz word in maternity care circles is informed choice! But how often are women exhorted to make an informed decision? How many times do these words appear in policy documents and procedure manual