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1. Did you find Baby Talk’s Expectant Mother’s Guide:
a. Very useful
b. Useful
c. Not useful

2. Where did you obtain your copy of the guide?
a. Childbirth Educator
b. Medical Aid (which one)
c. Baby Shop (which one)
d. Shop (which one)
e. Baby Show
f. eMag from
g. App
h. Other

3. When did you receive your copy?
a. 0-3 months of pregnancy
b. 4-6 months of pregnancy
c. 7-9 months of pregnancy
d. After your baby was born

4. Has Dad read
a. Fathers Guide only
b. Fathers and Mothers Guide
c. Neither
d. Will still be reading the Guide

5. Your age

6. Is this your 1st / 2nd / 3rd or more baby?

7. Have you looked at our website –

8. What other features would you like to see on our website?

9. Have you liked our facebook page – ZA?

10. Have you signed up for our free monthly digital collated newsletter on

11. Do you know that you can download the Expectant Mothers Guide as an App?

12. Have you sent us our birth story?

13. Have you sent us some hi-res pictures of your pregnancy, birth, parenting for possible publication in our next edition?

14. Overall comments

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