Audio Files

We have recorded audio versions of some of our articles. They can all be played or downloaded below. To download a file right click on the “Download” link and click on “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”.

We have also made them available as a podcast which is available in iTunes (direct link)

Aches and Pains in Pregnancy (Download)


Birth and breastfeeding – the domino effect (Download)


Birthing options (Download)


Caring for your pelvic floor (Download)


Choosing your obstetrician (Download)


Date and way of birth – What would baby choose (Download)


Genetic counselling (Download)


Informed choice (Download)


Inspirations (Download)


Lynne’s message (Download)


Planning your pregnancy (Download)


Pregnancy Q&A (Download)


Seeding your baby with a healthy microbiome (Download)


Stretch question (Download)


The 2016 infant (Download)


The process of lactation (Download)


Thoughts on birth (Download)


Time in the womb (Download)


Tips for pregnant women dressing for the office (Download)


Waterbirth (Download)


Writing a birth plan (Download)


Is there something wrong with my baby (Download)


Why is my baby crying (Download)


Your baby expects what (Download)


EFG – Childbirth Education Classes (Download)


EFG – Golden Rule For Expectant Dads (Download)


EFG – Tossing And Turning (Download)